Management Service

    The services we offer may be adapted to reflect your policy, provide stability to your relocating families and enable you to realize actual dollar savings.

    • Policy Consulting
    • Cost-of-Living-Analysis
    • Expense Management
    • Group Move Management

    Policy Consulting

    The first step in formulating or fine tuning your relocation policy is for us to understand your corporate philosophy plus the purpose and objectives of your relocation program. We can do the following:

    • Review your existing policy
    • Identify options compatible with your philosophy, purpose and goals
    • Make recommendations
    • Write your relocation policy
    • Write your relocation policy
    • Assist in policy implementation
    • Provide free periodic reviews of your relocation program


    Area Profiles

    Compiled for you, your employees or prospective employees, we provide information about virtually every community in North America. This information includes: population, taxes, schools and education, housing, medical facilities, transportation and recreation.

    Community Information

    You may contact us on any of the four thousand communities worldwide. Current information will enable you and your transferring employees to be more objective about the financial impact of their relocation.

    Our database, developed by the Economic Research Institute, analyzes factors such as: cost of housing, transportation, education, insurance, medical cost plus various other goods and services.

    Additionally, this data can be used for cost-of-living allowances, lump sum programs and per diem allocations

    Expense Management

    Access to our database will provide you with an immediate status of each employee’s move.

    • Recap System
    • Provides you with detailed information on every aspect of relocation: employee status; housing status, movement of household goods, property information and, category and cumulative costs. There is no fee for Recap access.
    • Advanced Gross-Up Plus System
    • Gross-up is when a corporation reimburses an employee for relocation expenses. The IRs treats the reimbursement as ordinary income, taxing it at the rate dictated by the transferee’s tax bracket; however, only the cost of transporting the family and its houshold goods to the new location is exempt from being taxed
    • Third party-home purchase companies encourage corporations to avoid the expense of “grossing-up” their transferees’ by utilizing relocation packages.Since the corporation reimburses the third party company rather than the employee for the selling expenses, the IRS does not regard the reimbursement as income to the transferee. Gross-Up is a complicated accounting program that should be admiistered by an expert in Relocation Tax Accounting. We offer this service through a service partner.
    • Expense Tracking
    • An additional feature of our Information System whereby Access Relocation will post, track and report all expenses for each relocation service and for each individual transferee. The tracking and resultant reports will be in a format customized to our client’s specifications. 

      Group Move Management

      We will provide you with counsel as you formulate your group move plans. The implementation of your plan is well within our capabilities. From group presentations and individual counseling – our goal is to ensure a smooth transition.

      Services to consider:

      • Move coordinator
      • Corporate group dynamics
      • Group presentation
      • Transportation (savings above standard program)
        • Office
        • Employees
      • Travel and Accommodations
        • Air
        • Ground Transportion
        • Hotels
        • Corporate housing
      • Housing
        • Sale
        • Homefinding and Rental
      • Out placement