Destination Services

    The services we offer may be adapted to reflect your policy, provide stability to your relocating families and enable you to realize actual dollar savings.

    Home Finding Services
    Partner Career Assistance
    Mortgage Services
    Global Services

    Home Finding Services

    Whether your employees buy or rent a home, they will experience a friendly voice, helping hands and a newcomer guide to their new community. A smooth transition to their new home will occur as we provide:

    • A needs analysis
    • Community profile with vital facts of their new hometown
    • Government and tax information
    • School and education statistics
    • Commuting distances
    • Area orientations
    • Available recreation facilities and activities
    • Health care information
    • Customized homefinding services, research, and negotiation
    • Travel arrangements
    • Discounts on:
      • Car rental
      • Interim housing
      • Hotels
      • Household goods move

    Home Purchase Assistance

    Advance coordination plus objective information reduces the time it takes to buy a home, thus saving you money on travel expenses, temporary housing, hotel and car rentals. Furthermore, a “smart” buyer today means a more expedient sale, should they move in the future.


    The scope of our homeowner and rental assistance is similar. If your employee prefers to rent an apartment or house, we will research rental properties to find the right place, at the right price. Access Relocation Services offers assistance on:

    Rental Assistance

    • Lease cancellation assistance at point of origin
    • Apartment and house leases
    • Lease negotiation assistance
    • Furnished and unfurnished housing
    • Competitive rental prices
    • Neighborhood profiles
    • Community distances
    • Nearby services and conveniences
      • Health clubs
      • Recreation
      • Entertainment

    Temporary Housing Assistance

    Our interim housing is available as a result of our alliance with national and regional organizations. This service offers furnished rental units in more than 400 cities across the United States. Your employee will enjoy the conveniences and amenities of hotel living, at a fraction of the cost. Most important, they will feel right at home.

    Providing assistance for your employee’s trailing partner increases the likelihood of the move being accepted and running smoothly.
    Our alliance with national and regional companies will ensure that when your employee or best candidate is offered a position in a new location, they will say “yes”.

    Service of our Employment Assistance Program

    • Career assistance
    • Resume preparation
    • Interview training
    • Identify potential employers
    • Resume circulation
    • Campaign development
    • Schedule interviews
    • Clerical assistance

    We will support and follow-up with the candidate until the search has been completed.

    Through national and regional affiliations, our mortgage service will save your employee time, money and confusion. Your employee can be pre-qualified and pre-approved for a loan before their first house hunting trip. This will enable them to shop within their price range and save time customarily used in filling out loan applications in the local market. We will supply information about competitive national rates which gives them a bench mark to compare local rates.


    Highlights of Access Relocation Mortgage Program

    • Pre-qualifying and pre-approval programs
    • Competitive interest rates
    • No fee at application
    • Loan approval within seven days
    • Loan closing within five days of approval
    • Qualified MSDHA (Michigan State Housing Development Association) lender
    • Conventional & FHA /VA financing available
    • 3.5% down with FHA financing
    • Jumbo loans up to two million dollars
    • Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages
    • Buy-down and balloon mortgages
    • Direct billing of approved closing costs

    Our international partners extend our relocation network throughout the globe.

    Access Relocation Service and Saving

    • A personal move consultant
    • Guaranteed top-rated drivers and crews
    • Peak period service guarantees
    • Guaranteed pick-up and delivery rates
    • Expense reimbursement plus per diem penalties, if delivery is delayed
      • Priority claims processing

    International Relocation Services

    We are your international connection for:

    • Foreign Nationals
    • Repatriates
    • Expatriates

    Logistics and Support

    This program is designed to ease incoming foreign nationals into their new culture, community and home. Our representatives guide your employees through the relocation process from start to finish.

    Expatriate Program

    Through our overseas alliances, we reach into Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

    International Destination Service

    • Cultural awaremess and local orientation
    • Translation services
    • Education options
    • Selection of residential areas
    • Homefinding
      • Buyers
      • Renters
    • Country sensitive contract negotiations
    • Customs clearance
    • Documentation legalization
    • Import and export documentation
    • Maid service
    • General handyman services