Departure Services

    The services we offer may be adapted to reflect your policy, provide stability to your relocating families and enable you to realize actual dollar savings.
    Home Sale Services
    Home Marketing Assistance
    Household Goods
    Vendor Management

    Home Sale Services

    There may be significant tax savings available to your entire organization through our home sale programs. Used independently or in conjuction with our Competitive Market Counseling, Home Sale Options are an important addition to your relocation policy. You may elect to use one or all options depending on whether you have a single or multi-tiered program.
    Access Relocation Services offers three Home Sale Options:

    • Appraised Value
    • Amended Value
    • Buyer Value

    Each option impacts your employee’s involvement in the relocation process, speed in reporting to their new assignment and your bottom line.

    Appraised Value Transaction…

    is also known as the Regular Home Sale Option. This program enables us to establish a home’s value through a formal valuation process, with the intent to purchase the home at market value. We acquire the home from your employee at market value, subsequently list and market the property until it sells. Typically, this service is used when timing is crucial and the employee must be in place immediately.

    Amended Value Transacton…

    is the option which establishes value of your employee’s home through a formal valuation process. The intent is to purchase each home for at least market value, at a designated time in the future. Your employee is given a specified period of time to secure a bona fide buyer who will net a better sales price. If a bona fide buyer is found in the allotted time, we will accept the bona fide offer, amend our purchase price to match that of the bona fide offer, purchase the home from your employee and resell it to the new buyer.
    This service is viewed as a “safety net” for employees. They have a guaranteed offer with the capability of bettering the offer. Typically, this service is used when timing is less critical, employee involvement in the relocation process is more important, and/or you wish to reflect lower home sale direct costs.

    Buyer Value Transaction…

    is the transaction in which your employee establishes the home’s market value, with or without our assistance, and locates a bona fide buyer. We will accept the bona fide offer, purchase the home from your employee and resell it to the new buyer.
    Each option, with their unique characteristics, advantages and tax implications is based on Access Relocation Services purchasing your employee’s home at market value.

    Home Marketing Assistance

    This professional advisory service is designed to aid your employees in selling their homes for the best price, in the shortest period of time. Not only do we satisfy your employee with a quick sale, we dramatically reduce the number of homes your corporation takes into inventory.
    The key to selling a home is insuring that the prime determination of value is the market place. This is called the “Market Driven Price”. Our staff will provide your transferee with:

    • Suggested list price
    • Projected selling price
    • Estimated time required to sell their home

    We will work with each of your transferring emplyees regarding:

    • The home’s correct marketing strategy includes:
      • Physical condition
      • Market condition
      • Distinguishing features
    • Enhancements which will net a higher price and bring a faster sale
    • Establishing a “Market Driven Price”
    • Listing agent selection and management
    • Listing procedures and negotiation to insure a favorable advantage
    • Sales negotiation

    Household Goods Management

    Whether you wish to develop or update your Household Goods Policy or move your employees, Access Relocation Services Move Management Program is unsurpassed in the industry. We have selected the most respected, highest rated companies in the moving industry. All of our national carriers provide a standardized program under our move management umbrella.

    Access Relocation Service and Saving

    • A personal move consultant
    • Guaranteed top-rated drivers and crews
    • Peak period service guarantees
    • Guaranteed pick-up and delivery rates
    • Expense reimbursement plus per diem penalties, if delivery is delayed
    • Priority claims processing
    Savings that Counts
    • A minimum 50% discount on interstate moves
    • A minimum 30% discount on storage-in-transit, warehouse handling, pick-up and delivery from storage
    • Free replacement value protection – up to $100,000

    Additionally, an independent audit is performed to scrutinize every invoice for accuracy rather than depending on the moving and storage companies to audit themselves.

    International Moves

    International movement requires us to pay added attention to detail. Our International Partners maintain staffing concurrent with our hours of operation (Eastern Standard Time). Additionally, crews in most locations will have at least one English speaking employee. We are able to perform:

    • Export packing
    • Special crating
    • Containerization
    • Forwarding
    • Consolidation

    Pricing on shipments can vary substantially depending on the destination country. We will obtain three to five bids on each shipment to insure the highest degree of Departure Services at competitive prices.

    Vendor Management

    A relocation program consists of many components, including various vendors and service providers. We can manage your existing vendors or choose them for you. In addition, we can evaluate and provide reviews of your vendors.

    Frequently, you will notice cost savings as we implement audits and quality control criteria with vendors. Additionally, volume discounts are passed along to you.